Bosch Technology successfully held the 2022 Annual Commendation Conference and the first Boss Technology Employee Skills Competition


On January 14, 2023, Bosch Technology successfully held the 2022 annual commendation meeting and the first employee skills competition of Bosch Technology.




Immediately afterwards, the company awarded the advanced collective, advanced team and outstanding individual awards, and the members of the 2022 elite meeting also appeared in turn. The honors won by the elite colleagues on the stage also inspire more colleagues to strive for this goal!



At the end of the conference, the award-winning employee representative Gang Shangmin read the proposal, advocating the family members of Bosch Technology to take active action, love and dedicate themselves to work, and join hands to create a more brilliant and better tomorrow of Bosch Technology!



At 8:30, the first employee skills competition of Bosch Technology officially kicked off, this time there were five competitions of turning, welding, assembly, boring and fitter, and a total of 22 production employees participated in the competition. First of all, Wang Yanguang, vice president of production, delivered the opening ceremony and announced the official start of the competition.


On the competition field, each player is full of sleeves, calmly responds to the battle, fully devotes himself to the game, and completes every step quickly and accurately, and the whole competition process is wonderful. The contestants were all engrossed, looking at the picture, debugging, and entering... The skillful operation shows the good psychological quality and solid technical level of Bosch Technology employees. The referee team closely inspects and strictly controls and evaluates according to the scoring standards, striving to be fair, just and open.
At 4 p.m., all the contestants gathered in the lobby of the main building to participate in the award ceremony. First, the host announced the results and ranking of the competition, and then the leaders presented awards and group photos for the winners, and a total of 14 contestants received prizes and certificates. At the end of the event, the vice president of production made a concluding speech, he called on all employees to take this post skills competition as an opportunity to quickly set off a boom of comparing, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing within the branch, and strive to cultivate excellent skills, study post skills hard, rapidly improve output efficiency, ensure product quality and the realization of various goals, and make positive contributions to the rapid development of Bosch Technology Company.