Zhang Guoqing, Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, and his entourage went to Bosh Technology for inspection and investigation


On May 18, 2022, Zhang Guoqing, Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, accompanied by Huo Bugang, Secretary of the Liaoyang Municipal Party Committee and other relevant leaders, visited the company for investigation and investigation. Professor Wang Dexi, chairman of the company, accompanied the investigation.
Professor Wang Dexi reported in detail the growth process of the company focusing on the field of energy conservation and environmental protection for many years, and quickly developing into a knowledge-innovative enterprise through the transformation of its own achievements. Through the establishment of a good industry-university-research ecological environment, the company has attracted a group of talents, cultivated a professional innovation team, and developed jet technology and products applied in a number of major domestic projects, solved the "bottleneck" that restricts the development of the industry, broke the foreign monopoly, realized domestic substitution, and formed core competitiveness. Secretary Zhang Guoqing listened and watched, stopped to ask from time to time, and cordially interacted with Professor Wang Dexi, and fully affirmed the company's business development.


In the pilot workshop of intelligent direct drive motor, Professor Wang Dexi reported that in recent years, the company has deeply integrated with the national rare earth permanent magnet R&D platform of Shenyang University of Technology, and jointly built a rare earth permanent magnet intelligent direct drive motor pilot base, relying on the pilot base to complete the transformation of 20 technical achievements, and the products have been successfully applied to more than 100 domestic customer sites. Through the application of rare earth permanent magnet intelligent direct drive motor, a solution has been found for China's high-energy-consuming industry.


Secretary Zhang Guoqing expressed his appreciation for the construction of the water treatment pilot base and the rare earth permanent magnet intelligent direct drive motor pilot base. Praise technology-based enterprises as innovation platforms in their own right. The government should accelerate the introduction and expansion of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, so that Liaoning, a fertile land for innovation and entrepreneurship, has more and more new seedlings and more innovation platforms. It is necessary to attach importance to the construction of pilot bases, further open up resources for various application scenarios, and create favorable conditions for the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. It is necessary to help enterprises solve specific difficulties and build "pro" and "Qing" government-business relations.