Liaoning Bosh Technology Co., Ltd. held a fire fighting drill


In order to further do a good job in the company's safety and security, contribute to the company's development, build a firewall for all employees and property of the company, enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, improve the emergency handling ability in emergencies, and prevent problems before they occur.
Liaoning Bosh Technology Co., Ltd. held a fire emergency safety drill with the theme of "safe development, prevention first" at 11 a.m. on March 19, 2021.

Before the exercise, the company's production department and administration department combined with the company's actual situation, carefully and meticulously formulated the drill activity plan, clarified the responsibilities and requirements, and provided a practical guarantee for the successful holding of the exercise.
The main contents of the drill training are: explaining the fire extinguishing method when a fire accident occurs; Inform the company's fire protection facilities layout; Conduct on-site demonstration of the use of fire extinguishers and hydrants of fire fighting equipment, and organize everyone to operate them; Explain the emergency evacuation and escape methods in the event of a fire and conduct on-site drills, and finally watch the video of the fire accident to remind employees to produce safely and prevent problems before they occur.

The drill was led by the captain of the Taizihe District Fire Brigade, who first conducted fire safety knowledge training for employees, from daily fire safety work to the use of fire equipment, one by one to explain and demonstrate for everyone, supplementing the necessary knowledge that some employees lacked in fire safety, and played a good effect.
The first project to be exercised is a practical fire extinguishing drill using a dry chemical fire extinguisher, in teams of two. Dry powder fire extinguisher actual fire extinguishing drill is mainly used for fire extinguishing and fighting of initial fires, which has a good fighting effect on solid fires and charged fires. Finally, the three-person zigzag single throwing hose fire extinguishing basic subject drill is mainly used for fire extinguishing and fighting of sudden and ferocious fires with a long distance, which is composed of water hose unfolding, water gun connection and other actions. Each employee is full of emotions, actively participates, sweats and runs, only to suppress the arrogance of the flames, and completes one fire extinguishing task after another in an orderly manner, which has been unanimously affirmed by the company's general manager.


Mr. Wang said that the fire drill is aimed at preventing problems before they occur, and the company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the enterprise and safety production as the company's top priority. The company holds fire knowledge training and drills from time to time every year, aiming to improve the fire awareness and safety skills of all employees of the company through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises, test the company's fire safety organizational ability, emergency response ability and practical combat ability, and create a safe and harmonious environment for the majority of employees.
During the exercise, the commander-in-chief was calm and unflustered, and the employees participating in the battle were quick and skillful, and they completed the drill of the predetermined subjects excellently. The whole exercise, the process arrangement is tight and compact, the personnel organization is tense and orderly, the fire extinguishing action is fast and effective, the majority of employees in the full learning of fire protection knowledge, field practice of the fire extinguishing process, but also exercise the ability to quickly and decisively deal with emergencies and the spirit of unity and cooperation.