Gather the power of charity to write the answer sheet to the war against the "epidemic"


Donate to see the truth, and bravely take responsibility in the fight against the "epidemic". After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, under the initiative of the Municipal Charity Federation, the majority of caring enterprises and caring people from all walks of life acted quickly, actively participated in various charitable fundraising actions, and quickly set off a wave of charitable donations. Up to now, the Municipal Charity Federation has received a total of 16.259 million yuan, of which 15.7465 million yuan was donated and 512,500 yuan was discounted for donated materials, bringing together a strong charitable force for Hubei Wuhan and the city's fight against the epidemic.


On January 29, all staff of the Municipal Charity Federation terminated their vacation, quickly convened the president's office meeting, and established a leading group for the "prevention and control of donation action", clarified work responsibilities, unified command, unified action, regarded epidemic prevention and control work as the most important work at present, made comprehensive deployment, vigorously grasped implementation, and quickly drafted the "Special Fundraising Proposal on the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic". After being approved by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, it was publicly released in the city through news media such as Liaoyang Daily and Liaoyang Radio and Television Station, and under the unified leadership of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the city's epidemic prevention and control fundraising "assembly number" was sounded.
All caring enterprises and caring people in the city have responded to the initiative of the Charity Federation and adopted a variety of online and offline methods to actively and orderly participate in the donation action. Among them, 30 enterprises and associations donated 14,658,700 yuan in materials and materials; 5 charity volunteer teams donated 33,616 yuan; villagers in 6 administrative villages donated 53,235 yuan, 14 cadres donated 15,000 yuan; and 172 caring people donated a total of 99,541 yuan through WeChat platform and cash.
Pen and pen donations are heartwarming. Oak Holding Group Co., Ltd. took the lead in donating 2.2 million yuan, Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. led the donation of 10 million yuan, and Liaoyang Liaodong Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. and its employees donated 1.1543 million yuan. In addition to some enterprises taking responsibility and giving love, some caring people in Liaoyang also went to the Municipal Charity Federation to make cash donations. All villagers in Shiqiaozi Village, Qijia Town, Taizihe District, Sanxing Village, Gaoya Village, Wengjia Village, Gengjiatun and Jiabin Village, Anping Township, Gongchangling District, made voluntary donations; 274 demobilized military cadres who chose their own careers donated 56,200 yuan; Caring lady Jiang Li personally donated 50,000 yuan; A 78-year-old retired cadre of the Municipal People's Congress personally donated 1,000 yuan... These donations rushed to Wuhan and were used for epidemic prevention and control in the city.
Donate materials to help the emergency. The Liaoyang Municipal Committee of Minjian donated medical supplies worth 14,000 yuan to the municipal charity hospital, and donated 1,000 sets of medical isolation gowns worth 100,000 yuan; Liaoning Boshi Technology Co., Ltd. donated disinfectant powder worth 76,944 yuan.


Strict approval procedures and perfect donation procedures. When transferring donations, the Municipal Charity Federation allocated funds in strict accordance with the wishes of donors, promptly requested funds to the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, and signed more than 40 targeted donation agreements with donors from all walks of life.
In order to improve the credibility of the Charity Federation and increase the transparency of the use of donated funds, it has issued four "Announcements on the Prevention and Control of the Use of Donations for the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic" to the city, and timely responded to the expectations of donors from all walks of life through channels such as Liaoyang Daily, Liaoyang TV, and Liaoyang Charity Federation's WeChat public platform; It also focused on intensifying publicity on typical examples, publishing advanced deeds in the news media and singing healthy songs for the whole people to fight the "epidemic" to private enterprises with large donations and outstanding caring people.