Professor Wang Dexi of Shenyang University of Technology injected scientific and technological power into the fight against the "epidemic"


Since the beginning of the national epidemic prevention and control war, a large number of scientific and technological workers have devoted themselves to scientific research, bravely taken responsibility, actively practiced social responsibilities with practical actions, and contributed scientific and technological strength to epidemic prevention and control. Professor Wang Dexi of Shenyang University of Technology is one of these commandos who rushed to "science and technology war 'epidemic' and knowledge to serve the country".
Science and technology prevention and control make real moves. Professor Wang Dexi is currently the dean of Liaoyang Industrial Technology Research Institute of Shenyang University of Technology, is a leading talent in science and technology entrepreneurship of the national "10,000 people plan", the first batch of entrepreneurial leading talents of the "Xingliao Talent Program" in Liaoning Province, and the founder of Liaoyang Bosh Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd., who has been engaged in scientific and technological research and development in the field of environmental protection engineering for many years. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the sudden occurrence and rapid spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the country posed a huge test to the national epidemic prevention and control system, and all kinds of medical protection sanitize materials were in full emergency. After seeing the severity of the epidemic, Wang Dexi, as an environmental research scientist, immediately plunged into this national battle against the epidemic, and the laboratory was his main battlefield. On the second day of the Lunar New Year, he gathered the backbone of his team's scientific research and began the research and development of virus sanitize reagents in the laboratory. After several days and nights of sleepless struggle, a new series of disinfection powders with good sanitize and prevention effects for viruses was finally developed.

After the successful research and development of new product technology, more problems still lie ahead. How to quickly handle the approval process, overcome the technical problems of the production line, and fully resume production to meet the needs of the frontline and residents' lives is all urgent. With the country's super mobilization ability and wartime measures coordination, Wang Dexi contacted relevant departments to handle new product production approval procedures, while leading the scientific research team to solve production technical problems, organizing local employees to quickly resume work, and using the green channel of logistics to send new sanitize products to the front line as soon as possible.
R&D to solve people's expectations. The new disinfectant powder developed by Wang Dexi and his team has stable properties and low toxicity, which solves the safety hazards such as flammability and explosion in ordinary sanitize products, and greatly reduces the transportation and storage risks. Among them, Blue Baijie, Green Baijie and other series of products have been listed in the Liaoning Province Water Pollution Prevention and Control Technical Guidance Catalogue and Liaoning Province's "specialized, refined and new" products.


In the critical period and vigorous stage of national epidemic prevention and control, Wang Dexi led the scientific research team and production team to race against time and fight at full speed, and finally let a batch of new sanitize products be sent to the front line of the comprehensive emergency war "epidemic" like "timely rain". The product has been used in dozens of hospitals across the country in the sanitize protection against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At the same time, these sanitize products are also widely used in the daily sanitize protection of residents, which greatly alleviates the problem of shortage and interruption of residents' virus sanitize products.
While developing new sanitize products, Wang Dexi led the scientific research team to also provide pollution control services for some designated treatment hospitals for new coronary pneumonia in Liaoning Province, and they provided an "integrated BIO-MBR membrane bioreactor" solution for fecal sewage and washing sewage in hospital buildings to ensure safe disinfection treatment and standard discharge of hospital sewage, adding another insurance for epidemic prevention and control.
The great "epidemic" is currently bravely responsible. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Wang Dexi has donated a large number of new sanitize products developed by him to various institutions, enterprises and institutions, universities, research institutes and various social institutions for epidemic prevention and control. At present, more than 3,000 kilograms of sanitize products have been donated, worth more than 500,000 yuan. "We develop and produce these sanitize protective products to help the country and the people defeat the virus and overcome the times together, which is the social responsibility of our scientific research workers." "At present, the domestic epidemic situation is still in a severe and complex stage, and I will continue to provide donations and technical support for sanitize products to some organizations in need. If the virus does not retreat, we will not accept troops! ”
Wang Dexi and his team also compiled and produced electronic publicity materials on "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic and Prevention and sanitize Knowledge" based on professional knowledge, which were sent to relevant enterprises, institutions and communities free of charge to widely carry out epidemic prevention knowledge publicity work. At the same time, he also donated 2,500 medical masks to local epidemic prevention and control institutions.
During the epidemic prevention and control period, Professor Wang Dexi, as a supervisor, attached great importance to the guidance of the values and the cultivation of the sense of responsibility of his master's and doctoral students. He encouraged the students to use their professional knowledge to contribute to the epidemic prevention work in their communities and share them in WeChat groups. Through the combination of scientific research incentives and humanistic care, he fully opened the online training mode of graduate students, and held regular weekly video conferences for academic discussion and thesis guidance. Various incentive measures are taken to urge students to manage their time scientifically, maintain their learning status, and ensure learning results. At the same time, he cares about the health and living conditions of students and provides various life services for learning.
Under the severe situation of fighting the epidemic, Wang Dexi used science and technology to empower epidemic prevention and control, strengthened the "line of defense" for the epidemic prevention and control battle with scientific research achievements, actively fulfilled the social responsibility of a scientific and technological worker with practical actions, and contributed his own strength to the epidemic prevention and control.