Concentrate and integrate, pursue dreams and move forward"-Bosch Technology 2022 Annual Conference was successfully held


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Warmly celebrate Liaoning Boshi Technology Co., Ltd.'s "cohesion and integration, pursue dreams and move forward", and the 2022 annual meeting was successfully held!
Time flies, the years are like a shuttle, the purple gas comes east, and everything is renewed! Say goodbye to an unforgettable 2021 and welcome a brand new 2022. Looking back on the 10 years of struggle, looking forward to the new future of Bosh Technology!
On the afternoon of January 23, 2021, we ushered in the 2022 Annual Meeting and 2021 Annual Commendation Ceremony of Liaoning Bosh Technology Co., Ltd. The conference is divided into four parts:
The first part of the General Assembly, the debriefing of each department. The company's 15 departments such as sales and office summarized 21 years of work and 22 years of planning, showing the dedication and conscientious professionalism of each department, and the excellent results achieved in their respective positions. General Manager Wang Meng made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development in 2021, and put forward the company's future development ideas in 2022.


The second part of the conference, the commendation session. Wang Weizhou, chairman of the company's labor union, read out the commendation decisions of the advanced collective, outstanding individual, individual goal completion award, and the most responsible awareness award, and presented awards to the award-winning personnel and safety production personnel one by one. Subsequently, Sun Chengxi, an outstanding personal representative and sales department, made a profound, wonderful and appealing speech on behalf of the award-winning personnel.


The third part of the conference, wonderful program performance. Exciting raffles and game sessions as well as dinners. The live program was exciting, with chorus, dance, sketches, poetry readings and other programs making the scene climax. The song "Fortune and Fortune in China" brought by teacher Cui Weilin brought a wonderful beginning to everyone, the chorus of the production department "Tomorrow Will Be Better" expressed the good wishes of Bosch Technology employees for the company's tomorrow, and the song "My Good Brother" brought by General Manager Wang Meng inspired everyone's memories of the hard work of the past, and the company of brothers will definitely go farther and farther! The chairman's song "Everyone Paddles the Big Boat" brought the annual meeting to a climax, and all employees are full of confidence to work together and make progress together, let us work together to create a magnificent chapter of Bosh Technology.


The last part of the conference, the dinner. At the dinner, all employees toasted to the new year and wished Bosh Technology a better tomorrow.
The whole annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, showing the energetic, positive and united spirit of Bosch Technology employees.
Looking back on 2021, we worked together to work hard and harvest together; Looking forward to 2022, we have the same goal and full of confidence, and jointly look forward to the future of Bosch Technology will be more brilliant!