Liaoning Daily - "Do R&D in the workshop and write papers on products"


On October 21, 2022, Liaoning Daily, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China special report, "Do R&D in the workshop and write papers on products".

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Bosch Technology: R&D is done in the workshop and the paper is written on the product 
Yan Peixin, reporter of this newspaper



"Very excited, very excited..." On October 17, recalling the grand opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Wang Meng, general manager of Liaoning Bosh Technology Co., Ltd., could not hide his joy, "The report emphasizes that it is necessary to accelerate the green transformation of development mode, implement a comprehensive conservation strategy, develop green and low-carbon industries, advocate green consumption, and promote the formation of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles." These discussions have pointed out the direction for the innovation and development of enterprises, and we must accelerate the construction of permanent magnet direct drive motor production bases to help industrial enterprises save energy and reduce carbon and develop green. ” 
When it comes to motor equipment, people in the industry will always think that the rotor is composed of winding copper wires, which are energized to generate a force magnetic field to achieve rotation. In Liaoning Boshi Technology Co., Ltd., the newly developed low-speed and high-torque permanent magnet direct drive motor is made of rare earth permanent magnets, which has permanent strong magnetic characteristics, does not require excitation current, and operates normally to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction.



"You see, our company's self-developed innovative product - permanent magnet direct drive motor can replace two types of equipment, and the energy saving rate can reach more than 20%." At the permanent magnet intelligent electric drive pilot base of Boshi Technology, Wang Zhe, the company's sales manager, pointed to a permanent magnet direct drive motor that had just rolled off the production line and said proudly.
Since its establishment in 2012, Liaoning Bosh Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the road of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on energy conservation and carbon reduction, research and development, and finding markets. Up to now, Bosch Technology has developed 9 series of 37 products, of which 6 key technologies have achieved surpassing and replacing foreign products.
In the past 10 years, Bosch Technology has been approved 14 platforms such as Liaoning Bosh Jet Environmental Protection High-end Equipment Professional Technology Innovation Platform, Liaoning Jet Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Research Center, and Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center; Completed 15 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects; Apply for authorization of more than 50 independently developed intellectual property rights. 



Keeping an eye on the needs of market and industrial development, Bosh Technology insists on independent research and development, technical breakthrough, pilot maturation and market transformation on the other, and realizes the leap from following to leading, and the compound growth rate of the enterprise has been more than 50% for three consecutive years. 
"Open up new fields and new tracks for development, and constantly shape new momentum and new advantages for development." After listening to the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Wang Dexi, chairman of Liaoning Boshi Technology Co., Ltd., said excitedly: "The report urges people to forge ahead, as a knowledge-innovative enterprise specializing in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, we will focus on the strategic goal of 'dual carbon', enhance the substantive industry-university-research alliance, truly realize the research and development in the workshop, write the paper on the product, and strive to show greater responsibility and action in the revitalization of Northeast China in the new era." ”