Congratulate! The vacuum system of KPN Group Indonesia was successfully commissioned!


Congratulate! The vacuum system of KPN Group Indonesia was successfully commissioned!
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From July 19 to 27, 2023, Bosch Technology's steam jet vacuum system was successfully commissioned at Cisadane Raya Chemicals (hereinafter referred to as CRC Company), a subsidiary of KPN Group in Indonesia! Ensure the company's official production and operation.

Figure 1: KPN Group headquarters

Indonesia KPN Group headquarters in the capital Jakarta, founded in 1989, mainly engaged in plastics, food, building materials, logistics, real estate and other fields, annual output of 4 million tons of oil products accounted for 10% of Indonesia's total output, its CRC company's production line was built in 1996, daily output of 600 tons of palm oil and its derivatives, its original deodorization vacuum system using German Körting brand, due to the use of too long, nozzle wear, shell corrosion serious, resulting in vacuum degree can not meet the requirements, Reduced production efficiency and oil quality.
In order to improve work efficiency and improve product quality, CRC signed a transformation agreement with our company after in-depth communication with our engineers to approve the solutions provided by us. After the signing of the agreement, with the active cooperation of the company's technology, production, quality and other relevant departments, the quality will be strictly controlled, and the products that meet the needs of customers will be processed and sent to Indonesia in time.

Figure 2: On-site guidance

During the service in Indonesia, our service staff lived up to expectations, worked day and night, and successfully debugged the equipment in the process of constantly discovering problems and solving problems, so that the equipment was officially put into operation. At the same time, in order for CRC personnel to further understand the vacuum system and ensure the smooth operation of daily life, our technical service personnel have trained their employees on the vacuum system. Our professional, patient and thoughtful service has been recognized and praised by customers. To this end, our technical service personnel were invited to visit other oil plants under KPN, guide their actual operation, and discuss issues such as vacuum degree and energy consumption.

Figure 3: Training

Figure 4: Affirmation of products and services

The successful commissioning of KPN's CRC equipment has opened the door for our company to open up the Southeast Asian market. As of August 2023, KPN Indonesia has signed 3 contracts with our company, 1 is successfully running, 1 is being installed, and 1 will be delivered at the end of September.
Oil mills in Indonesia and Malaysia are widely distributed, and the palm oil market is still hot and has great potential. With the gradual improvement of the government's environmental protection requirements, it is imperative for enterprises to survive equipment transformation, we are confident that we will take China-made products abroad, serve every customer well, and leave a shining footprint in the development process of Southeast Asia.