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Baijie Disinfectant Powder



Bag Jie brand disinfectant powder

Introduction of Baijie brand disinfectant powder

Baijie brand disinfectant powder is a new type of environmentally friendly disinfectant product specially designed for the characteristics of hospital sewage, the main ingredient of the product is potassium monopersulfate complex salt, etc., the physical properties are white powder, storage at room temperature, soluble in water, non-toxic, harmless, no side effects on the environment and operators, simple and convenient to use, safe and reliable transportation, reliable storage, and environmental protection.


The main ingredient of Baijie brand disinfectant powder

Chinese name: potassium monosulfate (potassium monopersulfate), an inorganic peroxide, generally combined with potassium bisulfate and potassium sulfate into the form of a triple salt, so it is called a monopersulfate potassium bisulfate complex salt.
Molecular formula: 2KHSO5·KHSO4·K2SO4

The redox potential of potassium monopersulfate complex salt is as high as 1.85V, and the oxidation capacity exceeds that of most oxidants such as chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorinate, strong chlorine, potassium permanganate, etc., and generates highly oxidizing sulfuric acid radicals and hydroxyl radicals through a unique catalytic system, with redox potentials as high as 2.5-3.1V and 2.8V respectively.

Baijie brand disinfection powder is widely used in medical sewage, urban sewage plant discharge water, reuse water, domestic sewage sterilization and disinfection, the product has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and economy!


The principle of sterilization of Baijie brand disinfection powder

The main component of the disinfection powder, potassium monopersulfate complex, dissolves in water and rapidly diffuses into the sewage through the dispersant, and releases reactive oxygen species [O] through a circulating chain reaction, and then forms hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide radicals, which can quickly penetrate into the microbial cell membrane and destroy the amino chains in the protein, so that the protein falls off the function, and achieves the effect of quickly killing microorganisms and bacteria; RAN and other microorganisms are oxidized to completely kill protozoa, algae, spores, bacteria and other microorganisms in the water.

The stabilizer that releases reactive oxygen species is a good non-ionic fungicide, which can adsorb to the surface of bacteria, prevent the exchange of substances between the cell membrane and the outside world, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and algae.

Sodium citrate as a dispersant can quickly diffuse the above-mentioned bactericidal components into the sewage, thereby increasing the death rate of pathogens, and sodium carbonate can adjust the pH value of the sewage, so that more reactive oxygen species can be released into the sewage.

● Easy to purchase: Baijie brand disinfectant powder has stable chemical properties, and the state has no special requirements for the purchase of the product, so there is no need to go through the purchase procedures with relevant departments.
● Transportation safety: Baijie brand disinfectant powder is a white powdery solid, non-dangerous goods, pp barrel packaging, no leakage, explosion and other dangers in transportation and storage, no potential safety hazards.
● Storage safety: storage at room temperature, no need to set up a separate storage room, no need for emergency protective equipment, to avoid the potential danger of traditional disinfectants in the storage process.
● Safe to use: The dosing equipment is dissolving dosing equipment, non-reactive equipment, the operation of the equipment is simple, the dosage is small, there is no need for special care, it will not cause damage to the operator and the surrounding environment, and there is no potential safety hazard during use.
● Environmental protection: Baijie brand disinfection powder disinfects sewage through active oxygen, disinfection has no residual substances, does not produce "three causes", no secondary pollution, no volatility, and will not pollute the surrounding environment.
● High efficiency: This product continuously releases reactive oxygen species after being dissolved in water, and can have a sterilizing effect for 10-20 minutes after contact with water, and lasts for 72 hours, and has a strong killing effect on fungi, bacteria, viruses, bacillus, etc.
● Energy saving: The dosing of chemicals does not require large-scale electrical equipment, and the electricity consumption is small, which is 1/2 of the electricity consumption of traditional disinfection equipment.
● Water-saving: Only a small amount of water is needed to dissolve the agent, which greatly saves water consumption.

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