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Tail gas absorption spray scrubber system



Efficient VOC exhaust gas treatment technology

Hybrid Absorption Technology - Introduction to Technology

This technology is a patented technology with independent intellectual property rights of the company, which can quickly and efficiently dissolve the soluble gas in the industrial gas in the absorbent through the mixer, so as to achieve the purpose of absorbing and treating the waste gas, and can make the treated waste gas emission meet the standard or recycle. The absorption system has simple technology, small land area, stable and convenient operation, and is maintenance-free.


Technical characteristics of hybrid absorption technology

■ The exhaust gas forms tiny bubbles, increases the contact area, and improves the absorption efficiency
■ It has the effect of stirring, forming a turbulent effect and improving the absorption efficiency


Spray Washing Technology - Technical Introduction

The high-efficiency scrubber uses the Venturi principle, Ansys Fluent simulation software, and a wealth of practical experience to determine the optimal vapor-liquid mixing ratio without sacrificing processing capacity. The solute (exhaust) enters the scrubber laterally and is accelerated by a pulse exchange with the flushing fluid. The rinsing liquid sprayed out through the jet nozzle forms tiny and uniform droplets, so that the gas and the washing liquid have a larger contact area, and better mix and absorb well.


Fields of application

Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, coal, leather, biological, printing and dyeing, smelting, municipal garbage gas odor gas treatment and other industries.


New technology for ecological treatment of black and odorous rivers and water bodies

For black and odorous rivers and watersheds, our company has formed eight core technologies, including exogenous sewage interception, sediment treatment, living water recycling and recharge, ecosystem restoration and submerged plant technology (construction of underwater forest) and ecological floating islands, aeration and aeration technology, and daily maintenance.

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