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Ejectors and vacuum systems

The structure of a steam ejector

A: High pressure power fluid
B: Low-pressure suction fluid
C: Medium pressure discharges fluid

Structural composition:

(1) Activate the steam chamber
(2) Power steam (Rafal) nozzle
(3) Suction chamber

(4) Diffuser mixing section
(5) Diffuser larynx
(6) Expansion of the diffuser


How a steam ejector works

(1) The high-pressure powered steam is accelerated by the Lafal nozzle under depressurization, enters the suction chamber at several times the speed of sound, and at the same time suddenly expands and decompresses, forming a low-pressure area in the suction chamber, and the low-pressure suction fluid is carried into the suction chamber by the high-pressure powered steam;

(2) In the diffuser mixing section, the power steam is continuously decelerated, the pumped gas is continuously accelerated, the momentum and energy are exchanged, and the mixture is gradually mixed;

(3) In the throat of the diffuser, the power steam and the pumped gas are completely mixed evenly, and the velocity is consistent; in the process of supersonic to subsonic speed change, the air flow generates a positive shock wave in the throat of the diffuser, and the gas velocity oscillates, and the outlet of the throat is reduced to subsonic speed, and the pressure excitation rises;

(4) In the diffuser diffuser section, the speed gradually decreases, the excitation gradually increases, and the kinetic energy is converted into sufficient pressure energy to reach the outlet pressure discharge.


Advantages and characteristics of steam ejectors

The steam ejector has the characteristics of simple structure, no moving parts, stable and reliable operation, large pumping capacity, and can extract gases containing water vapor, dust, flammable, explosive and corrosive gases, and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.

● High reliability and stability under any working conditions;
● No mechanical moving parts, almost no maintenance;
● The pumping speed is large, which can reach hundreds of thousands of m3/h, or even millions of m3/h;
● The vacuum system of steam ejector is generally 2 to 5 stages, and there are also 6 stages, which can achieve very low pressure through multi-stage combination, and the ultimate pressure of 0.67Pa can be reached by 6-stage combination;
● The material can be selected according to different working conditions, and various metal materials (stainless steel) and non-metallic materials (graphite) can be selected;
● Through the combination with mechanical vacuum pump (liquid ring vacuum pump), it can achieve low energy consumption and stable operation.


The core competitiveness of Boshi Technology's injectors and vacuum systems

Although the structure of the steam ejector is simple, but the operation mechanism is complex, so far there is no accurate theory and mathematical model can accurately calculate the ejector, most of the companies are calculated by assuming the coefficient, empirical manufacturing, the actual performance of the product is seriously inconsistent with the design, and the operation effect is poor and unstable.

In order to ensure the performance and quality of products, the company introduces CFD (computational fluid dynamics simulation), summarizes a large number of empirical data, and simulates real working conditions, detects product performance, and checks empirical data through a vacuum test platform, so as to finally ensure the performance and quality of products and systems.
● The product performance is stable and reliable, energy-saving, and can completely replace imported products.
● Theoretical calculation + CFD numerical simulation + test platform, the test platform can simulate the actual working conditions.
● It has a 2000m2 provincial engineering technology research center and technological innovation platform.
● With 4000m2 manufacturing workshop, in strict accordance with the quality management system and strive for excellence.
● Establish in-depth industry-university-research integration with Northeastern University and Shenyang University of Technology.
● Engineers have 20 years of experience in vacuum system design and complete sets.


Steam ejector application industry

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