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Jet Stirring Nozzles



BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle

Principle of the BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle

Composition: The jet mixing nozzle consists of a power nozzle and a mixing unit.

Principle: The liquid fluid is pumped out of the storage tank through the power water pump and hit to the nozzle, and the pressure energy is converted into kinetic energy inside the nozzle, and negative pressure is generated at the outlet of the power nozzle, and the surrounding liquid is sucked in.

The suction side fluid and the dynamic fluid are strongly mixed and stirred in the mixing area, and the discharge is accelerated due to energy exchange, and the dragging effect of the mixed fluid strengthens the mixing and stirring effect.

The BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle material and model are all customized.


Features of the BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle

■ The liquid of the tank is completely mixed
■ There is no need for overhaul or maintenance in the tank
■ Wear-resistant, long service life, no moving parts
■ No seal leakage problem

■ No stirring dead ends
■ Low investment cost
■ Low energy consumption


Installation and operation of the BIO-JM jet mixing nozzle

Installed at the lowest possible level, it is generally assembled at around 500 mm to ensure effective operation even at low liquid levels. If the liquid to be mixed tends to foam formation, the liquid level on the liquid jet mixing nozzle should not be less than 1 meter.

Specific operation: If the viscosity of the liquid is close to that of water, the liquid jet can be mixed with the dynamic fluid in the nozzle: the mixing ratio of the suction fluid = 1:3. Due to its velocity and the resulting jet effect, the mixing stream leaving the liquid jet mixing nozzle carries a large amount of liquid around it, thus agitating the entire tank.

If a high viscosity liquid is used, the mixing ratio of the liquid jet mixing nozzle is reduced, and the drag jet effect is reduced. When the viscosity of the circulating liquid reaches the limit range of the liquid jet mixing nozzle, it is not allowed to be conveyed by centrifugal pumps. (The viscosity limit of the liquid conveyed by the centrifugal pump must not be exceeded)



Comparison of the BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle with a Submersible Mixer

Serial number BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle Submersible mixer
1 The temperature has no effect on the operation of the equipment The maximum medium temperature does not exceed 40℃
2 The PH value has no effect on the operation of the equipment The pH value of the medium is between 5~9
3 The installation is simple and there are no accessories The installation requires a lifting system, a support frame, a guide rod, a limit frame, a lower bracket, etc
4 In the sewage it is a static device with no moving parts Faults, troublesome maintenance (voltage, impeller, three-phase electricity, speed, overload, etc.)
5 Maintenance-free Regular maintenance and maintenance (wear parts, screw joints, seals, oil level, oil changes, cables, etc.)
6 It not only prevents precipitation, but also mixes completely, without stirring dead ends It can only effectively prevent precipitation

Areas of application for BIO-JM jet mixing nozzles
Tank mixing, oil tanks, sewage mixing systems, neutralization tanks, reactors, food storage tanks, reservoirs, homogenization of different liquids to prevent tank settling and avoid the formation of different temperature layers.

Applications and solutions of BIO-JM jet mixing nozzles

In all kinds of continuous or batch liquid mixing tanks, the 100-gram jet mixing nozzle is an important component. It is used for mixing, stirring and circulation in various sewage treatment processes. It can effectively prevent the deposition of suspended solids. Maintain a homogeneous mixing reaction of solid and liquid two-phase media. It can completely replace a mechanical stirrer and in most cases surpass its mixing effect.

BIO-JM Jet Mixing Nozzle can provide targeted solutions according to different sewage treatment processes, different pool shapes and tank shapes, so that it can operate better and operate more easily.




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