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Ozone injector




Ozone injectors

Overview of ozone injectors

The ozone injector is capable of producing 10% ozone/air or ozone/oxygen mixtures from the ozone generator, which is intensely mixed internally with the fluid being treated, and then transferred to the back-connection system at a certain high pressure. This unique transfer feature allows for very good mass transfer and completely leak-free compression of gases.

The ozone is fully mixed with the liquid fluid and pressurized and enters the nozzle of the ozone diffusion mixer, converts the pressure energy into kinetic energy inside the nozzle, generates negative pressure at the outlet of the power nozzle, and sucks in the surrounding liquid. The suction side fluid and the dynamic fluid are strongly mixed and stirred in the mixing zone, and the discharge is accelerated due to energy exchange, and the dragging effect of the mixed fluid strengthens the mixing and stirring effect of ozone and sewage.


Advantages of ozone injectors in ozone dosing

It can make O3 dissolve into sewage more quickly;
The jet process is the best way to transfer mass and heat;
The jet device is more conducive to the generation of hydroxyl radicals;
It is more conducive to hydroxyl radicals (. OH)
Plays a role (no selective aggressiveness).


System features

The company can provide one-stop service for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of a complete set of equipment-based ozone advanced oxidation advanced treatment sewage system.
The features of the system are:
■ High ozone transfer rate and fast reaction speed
■ Short stay time
■ Occupy less space, energy saving, environmental protection, knock and maintenance-free

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