Innovative research & development

Laboratory 1

The Innovation Laboratory of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment in Process Industry was established in 2019, and its research directions are key technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection, environmental governance technology, equipment manufacturing technology, and new material preparation. Relying on the environmental protection engineering branch of Liaoning Mechanical Engineering Society and the Beijing Materials Genetic Engineering Research Group, the laboratory has been guided by "market demand" since its inception, and has continuously launched industry-leading products, creating considerable social and economic benefits. At present, it has built water environment laboratory, reciprocating compressor laboratory, new material preparation and analysis laboratory, sludge cavitation laboratory, flash calcination laboratory, spray pyrolysis laboratory, permanent magnet motor laboratory and other word topics, can carry out three waste treatment, vacuum acquisition equipment, permanent magnet motor, solid waste resource utilization and mineral processing equipment scientific research direction, the laboratory can complete product innovation research and development, small test and pilot experiment, can provide a basis for process design scheme, system energy efficiency assessment.

The Innovation Laboratory of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment for Process Industry focuses on solving key technologies, common technologies and cutting-edge technology problems in the industry, and carries out the research and development of key new products, new processes and new materials and the transformation of achievements. With the opportunity of building a substantial industry-university-research experimental base and implementing major scientific and technological projects of "unveiling the leaderboard", the laboratory focuses on the "R&D and pilot maturation" of energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies and scientific and technological achievements in the process industry around "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", serves the purpose of "dual-teacher" teacher cultivation and "dual-diversity" student training in Liaoyang Branch, and does a good job in "three big articles", facing the needs of industrial technology development, improving industrial technological innovation capabilities and technical levels, and unswervingly taking the road of high-quality development. Build a teaching and scientific research base for the innovation and development of the service industry. The laboratory has obtained more than 40 authorized patents and has completed the transformation of 3 categories of achievements, among which three products, jet aerator, chlorine-free disinfection powder and permanent magnet speed regulation, have won the title of specialized and special new products in Liaoning Province, and have been included in the second, third, fourth and fifth batches of Liaoning Province to promote energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies; Fenton fluidized bed, jet stirring system and jet spray washing system passed the 2020 Liaoning Province New Product Achievement Appraisal

- Laboratory for the Preparation and Analysis of New Materials -

The new material preparation and analysis laboratory is mainly engaged in the development of new materials for chemical products, catalysts for air and water pollution control, and the development and application of new material production equipment. At present, it is mainly equipped with more than 10 sets (pieces) of crusher, planetary grinder, high-speed mixer, screw granulator, shot blasting machine, blast drying box, high temperature vacuum tube furnace, water vapor generator, cylinder press, specific surface area analyzer and other instruments and equipment, which can carry out the preparation of new materials, product performance testing and characterization experiments.

Shot blasting machine

Water vapor generator

Planetary grinder

Specific surface area analyzer

Cylinder press

Specific surface area analyzer

- Water Environment Laboratory -

The water environment laboratory has a total construction area of 200 square meters, with three experimental sub-rooms, one main analysis laboratory and two auxiliary analysis laboratories. The laboratory has sewage treatment equipment such as electrochemical advanced oxidation pilot plant, high-efficiency swirl nano-dissolved air flotation reactor pilot plant, and standard COD digester, water quality COD automatic analyzer, BOD detector, color detector, ammonia nitrogen detector and other water quality analysis equipment. It can complete iron-carbon micro-electrolysis experiment, Fenton fluidized bed experiment, lead dioxide electrocatalytic oxidation experiment, ruthenium-iridium electrode electrocatalytic oxidation experiment, suspended solids air flotation and magnetic separation experiment, biochemical experiment, which can design overall sewage treatment solutions for wastewater in different industries and provide strong technical support for engineering projects.

Electrochemical advanced oxidation pilot plant

Standard COD digester

High-efficiency swirl nano-dissolved air flotation reactor pilot plant

- Flash Calcination Laboratory -

Flash calcination laboratory has a set of airbed calciner experimental device, which is composed of fan, visual airbed calciner and dust removal equipment, which can study the gas-solid flow in the calciner under different operating parameters, and the influence of different structural parameters on the flow field in the calciner, and provide reference for the engineering design of airbed calciner

- Reciprocating Compressor Laboratory -

The reciprocating compressor laboratory covers a total area of 150 square meters, the laboratory has 3LW-5/8 type oil-free lubricating air compressor experimental device, compressor valve test platform, electronic control system and other experimental testing equipment, and at the same time has small lathes, CNC high-speed engraving and milling machines and other self-processing equipment, can carry out compressor mesh intake valve performance structure analysis, valve innovative structure design and performance identification, compressor volume stepless adjustment principle and method research, and can carry out reciprocating compressor internal structure optimization experiments. The laboratory is committed to solving the industry problems of high energy loss and high failure rate of reciprocating compressor valves, which is in line with the development needs of the national "dual carbon strategy". The research and development of the project guides the construction of the experimental platform with theoretical calculation, and conducts more accurate static tests on a number of performance parameters of key components of compressors such as intake valves, and conducts complete qualitative simulation of dynamic processes.